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International Braz J Urol
Official Journal of the Brazilian Society of Urology

Vol. 38 (4): 565-566, July - August, 2012
Ventral phalloplasty
Tariq S. Hakky, Alejandro R. Rodriguez, Justin Parker, Jorge L. Lockhart, John H. Hoenemeyer II, Rafael E. Carrion
Department of Urology, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL, USA
Purpose: To present the surgical technique of ventral phalloplasty as an adjunct procedure to the classic prosthetic surgery. Materials and Methods: In this video we demonstrate how to perform a ventral phalloplasty in a patient that has undergone a penile prosthesis implantation. Our technique consists of: delineation of the penile scrotal web, excision of this redundant skin, and re-approximation of the wound to mimic the natural median raphe. Results: The ventral phalloplasty improves the perception of phallic length, as well as patientsí satisfaction after prosthetic surgery. Conclusion: Penile length perception is the main concern of patients that have undergone penile prosthesis implantation. In this video we demonstrate that the ventral phalloplasty can improve perception of phallic length, and can be an important adjunct to the classic prosthetic surgery.

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Int Braz J Urol. 2012; 38 (Video #5): 565_566