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International Braz J Urol
Official Journal of the Brazilian Society of Urology

Vol. 39 (1): 141-142, January - February, 2013
Laparoendoscopic Single-site Repair of Retrocaval Ureter Without any Special Devices
Rafael B. Rebouças, Rodrigo C. Monteiro, Porfírio F. de Medeiros Júnior, Antônio C. Madruga Neto, Marcos M. Soares Junior, Camila N. Guedes, Rícia N. P. Moura, Geraldo Camilo Neto, Gustavo M. C. de Alencar, Giácomo F. Souza, Cesar A. Britto
Department of Urology, Edson Ramalho Military Police Hospital, João Pessoa, PB, Brazil
The retrocaval ureter is a rare congenital anomaly. The extrinsic compression may be responsible for obstruction and pain symptoms. The laparoscopic approach has been used with good results and less morbidity than the open surgery. Herein we describe a case of retrocaval ureter treated with LESS. To our knowledge, this represents the second such case reported in the literature, and the first without using any special devices, such as, single port or bended instruments.

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Int Braz J Urol. 2012; 39 (Video #1): 141-142